Terms and Conditions

All kids up to 18 years old can stay free of charge in triple rooms.


Minimum stay: 2 nights.

Departure time (Check-Out): up to 11:45

We adopt late check out policy at 15:00 ONLY IF there is availability in the room, this will be done in consultation with the manager.

Payment: Payment of the total amount is always performed when you arrive at reception.

Room Guarantee: In order to complete your reservation and guarantee the room you need pay the advance through the available payment methods. Then you inform us either via email, or via the contact form or by telephone on completing your deposit. The payment must be completed within 2 working days from the submission of the booking, otherwise your reservation expires and the room can be committed by another customer.


If you wish to cancel your booking you must contact us through available means of communication. The money you paid as an advance are held as security in case the cancellation has been made less than 1 month before your arrival date in Summer Rooms. If the reservation is made over 1 month before arrival you are refunded the advance amount.


Sorry we do not accept pets


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1. Process Manager
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The minimum necessary processing of these data to record the reservation.
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9. Modification of these terms
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